About Me

A Passion to Motivate, Entertain & Inspire.



I have seen too many capable people thinking they can't do things. I've seen businesses fail including my own. I've made mistakes, and believe we all have. It's how we learn from these mistakes which will make us stronger, and help us grow. I think you, or anyone else out there can do so many things, once you set your mind to it.


I made Pas It On because I believe we are getting lazy. We don't step outside our comfort zones. We don't push ourselves. We feel complacent, and for some reason the ambition inside us slowly fades away. I don't want to see that. I've seen it too much, in friends and in family. Life is TOO SHORT for you to not go and achieve what you want.

Cosmetic Dentist / Investor

By degree I am a cosmetic dentist. Graduate of University of Western Australia, Investor in Cosmo Foods, EPRT Group and CEO of Mana Wings & Insert Game. I love reading, I love learning, and believe that you have to keep growing. Believer in class. Stay ambitious.