Stop Complaining Already.

I know, you have heard it before. “I hate my job”, “I hate doing this”, “I don’t know why I am here”. I caught myself doing it a few times in the past as well. It’s tempting because it FEELS like we are doing something. Complaining feels like we are lifting something off our shoulders but in reality, we are just delaying something that we should deal with.

I loved Sam Waltons’s autobiography on how he started Walmart. With many great people — Walton never complained. When he got kicked out of a shop he built from nothing to a success, he went on to build Walmart.

When Rafa Nadal was told he could no longer play tennis because of a genetic foot problem — he continued and strived on, becoming a world renowned tennis player.

I am not going to say you shouldn’t complain, because if anything — that’s telling you that YOU have something to do. YOU are clearly complaining about something you WANT to do. Possibly NEED to do. So GO do it. That will stop the complaining. Either that, or just don’t complain at all.

Pas It On.

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