We spend a lot of time making goals. We plan how we are going to do it, then we start working on it like no tomorrow. Then, it tapers off. Slowly we just seem to forget the plan we made. I think a part of the problem is that we let a lot of things get in the way. We seem to make our own goals negotiable. If they are important to you, they are non negotiable.

I’m not saying that you should just avoid everything just for your goals, but there are a lot of things you could do to prevent it. Set a time for your goals and make it consistent. There’s nothing that’s allowed to interfere. Shut off the phone for 30 minutes and read a book. Jot your progress somewhere to make sure you can see what you have been doing. Don’t let the small things get to you.

I also firmly believe your goals should be extremely measurable, that is, you can almost quantify your progress. Examples are:

  • I will eat X calories per day
  • I will learn one new word a day.
  • I will learn one new magic trick a week.
  • I will read 10 pages a day.

There are easy for you to see, and track if you have done it. In some cases, some goals are hard to track, an example would be programming. Learning to programming is kind of open ended. How do you track progress there? I’d say it’s about the time you spend PROPERLY. So spend a true 30 minutes learning to program, or a true 30 minutes learning piano. By true, I mean distraction free!

Have a great day, and stick to your goals.


Or don’t your goals matter to you?

I have made so many new years resolutions and failed almost all of them. Reason? I felt that I needed some ‘moment’ to start something new. Most of the time I was using new years as an excuse. I felt that I could make a plan and when the time came I would start.

did start on new years of course… for about a month. Then whatever plans I had slowly faded. Almost all the time we could have just started when we made the plan. We had a spark then. Some rush of adrenaline to do something. We should start with THAT. THAT is the moment you need to start with. Not when some random date finishes or starts. Not 3 months later. Not 1 week later. NOW.

If something is so important to you, so dear to your heart, why do you wait?

Go into your plans the moment you make them. Don’t wait.

Stop making new years resolutions and then waiting for new years.

Just go. DO it.

Check out the Vid.

I know, you have heard it before. “I hate my job”, “I hate doing this”, “I don’t know why I am here”. I caught myself doing it a few times in the past as well. It’s tempting because it FEELS like we are doing something. Complaining feels like we are lifting something off our shoulders but in reality, we are just delaying something that we should deal with.

I loved Sam Waltons’s autobiography on how he started Walmart. With many great people — Walton never complained. When he got kicked out of a shop he built from nothing to a success, he went on to build Walmart.

When Rafa Nadal was told he could no longer play tennis because of a genetic foot problem — he continued and strived on, becoming a world renowned tennis player.

I am not going to say you shouldn’t complain, because if anything — that’s telling you that YOU have something to do. YOU are clearly complaining about something you WANT to do. Possibly NEED to do. So GO do it. That will stop the complaining. Either that, or just don’t complain at all.

Pas It On.

I’ve always felt that we spend a long time on negative emotions. Most of the time, you need to take the higher road (and arguably the harder road), and just not let it start.

It’s not constructive, and it doesn’t help. Concentrate on working towards the solution, and do not let emotion control everything till you can’t even see what started the problem in the first place.

It will be hard, it never was easy. I think a relatable story is from Ben Carson, who once let emotion control him and he almost STABBED his friend. Thankfully he missed, and he was able to start learning to control the negative motions. Ben Carson would eventually become a neurosurgeon.

Take control of your bad emotions. Work on solutions. Become amazing. Don’t waste time.