First and foremost, I don’t like procrastinating. But I have done it. I do it because it’s harder to actually do something about it. Then, when it becomes a stressful period of time, you find some energy and you seem to be able to complete the task in hand. In some instances, people who procrastinated did better than I did in some exams and projects. That stress worked in their favour. As the deadline came closer.
But you can’t procrastinate everything.
Especially your life goals. Because your life goals have no clear deadline. You are so certain that tomorrow is coming, that you can wait for tomorrow. This happens over and over again. You miss a day towards your goals or dreams because you feel like you can afford to. But, life doesn’t work like that. In some cases, by the time you have started its too late.
You think you can JUST became good at something? People put in years, if not decades. We are going to die you know. We are getting older. It’s going to be harder. Why aren’t you putting the time you have the most energy into your goals and dreams. Because tomorrow I coming right? Tomorrow is so sure that you can afford to skip a day. You can afford to skip a week. And by the time you really get into it it’s probably too late to actually pursue what you want.
Procrastinate whatever you want, but if you want to do something, open a business, or start a charity, be an actor, or the join the UN. you need to work on getting there now.