I have made so many new years resolutions and failed almost all of them. Reason? I felt that I needed some ‘moment’ to start something new. Most of the time I was using new years as an excuse. I felt that I could make a plan and when the time came I would start.

did start on new years of course… for about a month. Then whatever plans I had slowly faded. Almost all the time we could have just started when we made the plan. We had a spark then. Some rush of adrenaline to do something. We should start with THAT. THAT is the moment you need to start with. Not when some random date finishes or starts. Not 3 months later. Not 1 week later. NOW.

If something is so important to you, so dear to your heart, why do you wait?

Go into your plans the moment you make them. Don’t wait.

Stop making new years resolutions and then waiting for new years.

Just go. DO it.

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